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Construction and maintenance of bridges of fiscal measurement

We provide integral solutions for the consultancy, design, engineering, construction and putting in march of Automatic Units of Measurement (ULACT). We apply all the international standards and national regulations as for metrología legally.

Skid of fiscal measurement

Skid of measurement with one or more lines, which design answers to limits of recommendations as the API in case of liquids or AGA in case of gases. The design depends on the type of technology of measurement to using: PD to put, turbines, Coriolis, ultrasonic, etc. Constructed under strict standards of quality and tests END.


Installed as a whole with a unit of measurement of transfer of custody, they allow to keep the system calibrated. We offer Provers of diverse technologies depending on every application, basing on all the standards API or AGA. From the most traditional like Provers Bidireccionales, Compact Prover up to the most modern Coriolis Provers.


Minors’ skates measure for specific applications as being gas regulation, stations of pumping or skates of chemists’ dosing between others. Totally mounted on structures autoambles, which allow the easy installation in site.

We offer solutions adjusted to your requirements. It does your consultation