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Metrological Consulting Service

We attend to the problems related to the quality of the measurements. Advising in the development and implementation of systems based on the procedure ISO/IEC 17025, 17020 in order to obtain the accreditation. IN ISO/IEC 17025, applicable to Laboratories of Calibration IN ISO/IEC 17020, applicable to Entities of Technical Inspection and Organisms of Control we Can develop or supervise the activities and attend to any consultation during the development and implementation of the system. Also we can contribute our wide experience advising on aspects as:

  • Statistical tests for method validation
  • Definition and statistical treatment of quality control measures
  • Evaluation and expression of the uncertainty of measurement and calibration
  • Intercomparisons
  • Development of documentation for general model approvals.

We present

Calibration of flow meters másicos and volumetric

We possess a new gravimetric test bench for the calibration of flow meters másicos and volumetric. The most modern of the south cone, with speed variator of last generation for constant control of the magnitude of the flow.

In addition our laboratory has a system of pesaje electronic HBM of the highest accuracy, of German origin that allows us to work with a resolution of 0,5 Kg that 20.000 external accounts imply, which is translated in an uncertainty lower than 60 % the one that, till now, there possess the best banks of test of the country.

  • 75HP pump that allows us to reach a maximum flow of 9000 liters / min.
  • Stainless piping with three sections for the simultaneous installation of meters.
  • State-of-the-art controller, for the automatic realization of the calibration cycle, parameterized for different types of flowmeters.
  • Patterns with certified traceability to INTI.
  • Our laboratory complies with all the requirements of the ISO17025 standard.
  • The certificates we issue are legal as established in resolution 318/2010 of the nation’s energy ministry.


Our experience in measurements, calibrations, metrología, direction of laboratories, design and construction of banks of test, support our work.

Telemetry and Control


We provide solutions for the automation of industrial processes, realizing the design armed and putting in march of boards of control, to face to every stage or phase inside the industry Oil and Gas. We integrate and develop technology for the automation of industrial processes.

  • Conceptual and basic design of architectures.
  • Qualitative and quantitative studies for process safety.
  • Engineering detail: functional specifications, it dates back sheets, lay outs of components, graphs of hookup, calculation of consumptions and thermal dissipation.
  • Integration of equipments in offices.
  • Configuration, tests, installation, commissioner and putting in service.
  • Special solutions for connectivity of equipments.

We present

Engineering services

Our experience in the sector allows us to intervene in any of the steps of this cycle offering a wide spectrum of solutions adapted to the requirements of the client:

  • Basic engineering
  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Engineering detail



 We offer multiple trainings destined for Professionals that laborator chiefs are employed at laboratories with systems of the quality, qualit assistants, laboratoristas, technical personnel of process plants, pupils and graduates of Engineering in general. The same ones can be dictated in exterior facilities or in-Company. We include a wide agenda such as:

  • Estimation and calculation of uncertainties
  • Fiscal Measurement of Liquid and Gas
  • Coriolis Mass Mass Flowmeters
  • AGA 3, 7, 9 and 11.
  • Metrology – ISO17025